Baby ferret bleeding from anus

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Owners should keep in mind that their ferret will need constant vigilance to stop their surgical wounds from re-opening and becoming infected or from healing incorrectly and causing incontinence, as well as requiring a regular dosage of painkillers and antibiotics. You can block areas off with baby gates that ferrets can not climb over, use a ferret play pen or you can even dedicate a room in your home for your ferret to play in. Be prepared to trim your ferrets nails approximately every two weeks. Hepatitis Reddened, rough skin Saliva not only acts as a lubricant and softener for food, but contains some digestive compounds — lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat, and amylase, which begins the process of digestion by cleaving starches into small, more readily digested compounds. Ticks "Puffy" inflamed areas Flea dermatitis, poor nutrition, allergies, over shampooing Yellowing

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Why look at ferret poop, anyhow?

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The Complete Scoop On Ferret Poop

Kits open their eyes around 34 days. It is safe and costs significantly less then cat litter. I'm wondering what to feed her that will aid her digestive system. Further digestion converts it to stercobilin, which is brown and imparts the characteristic brown color to feces. Place styptic or cornstarch on the end of the bleeding nail.

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