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We can kill ourselves when we get home. So desperately but-I don't want you like this. Zapp Branniganaboard the Nimbus flagship, damages the Planet Express Shipcausing it to crash in a large explosion with the Nimbus outside of the Planet Express headquarters. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. And it smells like toxic waste. They are rescued by two mysterious robed strangers who somehow know Leela's full name. But a distinct aftertaste of toxic waste.

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Leela finally learns the truth about her parents and her own identity.

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Perhaps a hard spanking is in order?

Look, Fry, there's no way. I bet you sick mutants killed them! That explains the statue then. Professor Farnsworth survives due to his full body " safety sphere device", suffering only "tribial bray dablage", while Fry appears to be undamaged, save for severe burnmarks. I order you to dispose of that toxic waste properly or bribe me.

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leela getting spank by fry
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leela getting spank by fry
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  1. If i could make a comparison I would say she kinda reminds me of Kay Parker