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While the vault was being updated and refurbished it had been proved inadequate, yet again, by the Security Maintenance Test, codenamed Jade, though Sully didn't know why one of the more top-secret artifacts had been moved there. The ointment glowed green as she chanted, then white, then red, then purple and blue. You take your absorbing material I prefer to use a sponge and dip it in the mixture. Nah, sure it could. Not all men will fall in love with Jade when they smell the perfume, but if they do, they will never fall out of love with her until the spell on her is broken. Mindlessly, Jade wandered into a used bookstore.

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He was just heading towards the vault, almost completing his task, when he ran into Captain Black on one of the catwalks, along with an old man, a sumo, some guy and .

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Jade Chan Gets Fucked on Cam

Your review has been posted. But when she realized where she was, it was only to spot the title of a slim, pink volume of at about eye height on one of the shelves. If you want to make one boy in particular fall for you, you can — I've put in extra instructions for that. I will put a disclaimer saying this or something like it in the beginning of every chapter if I have to. She didn't think she could stand it if another spell book she opened was in some long-lost gibberish dialect of her home language — that would be exhausting. Or, the Dreadful Mistake.

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