Bride critique of classics like

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I think the reason why this was such a fantastic film was due to the fact that it was the perfect mixture of a fairy tale with humor, action, and romance. David Pasquesi as Hanck the Caterer. Mildly funny, but not laugh out loud hilarious, sums this up pretty well. Buttercup is shattered when she hears that Westley was killed by a fearful pirate named Roberts. Jan 26, Full Review….

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My lingering problem is the amount of fluttering butterflies that the film creates, it paints a picture that any wedding you wish to have is possible, which is untrue, but I don't believe the film was about creating a realistic explanation, but more show the journey the parents make, but again, the journey only seems to consist of daddy, as esteemed actress Diane Keaton, who plays other Nina, plays a largely unimportant role, perhaps a traditional scenario calls for a father and his daughter, but the mother is as equally important.

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It contains so many different elements which also make it a really good family film. Hard to talk about without giving away spoilers, so forgive me if there isn't much info here, but I hope this helps you. Otherwise the humor was well placed and I thought it made for fine family fare. That's pretty much it with regards to the plot, with George going from moping about losing his little girl to a man he doesn't like, to George moping about the rising cost of the wedding. After 30 years, the wit, fun, charm and idealism are fresher than ever. While it doesn't quite hit the heights of the original, this remake of the classic is pleasantly enjoyable, thanks in large part to winning performances from Steve Martin and Martin Short. The Princess Bride is easily one of my all time favorite movies.

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bride critique of classics like
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bride critique of classics like
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