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And my mother worked for NYU for 20 years. Sign in Get started. I got my king status because I met somebody that appreciated what I was doing, and we went above and beyond with it. With me, I like whatever comes out. Everybody here is a freak. The Foot Fetish King:

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So why are you seeking out NYU students in particular?

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From Footjobs To Toe-Sucking: An Interview With The Foot Fetish King Of New York

I made money doing this, I pay my bills doing this. Everybody here is a freak. Like if I suck them, and they just turn red… If you take care of your feet as you would in the summer, those are perfect feet to me. I call for NYU girls because I know you like to have fun. I think it can make money.

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foot fetish interviews
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foot fetish interviews
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