Virginity or death

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In a system as wealthy as ours and with the money spent it is a crime that all people aren't covered, at least minors. Work ethic and today's youth: Everywhere free market fundamentalism is the order of the day and everywhere the greatest inequality and poverty exists on an unprecedented scale. I am fortunate that my husband makes a great living and we can enjoy this "Ozzie and Harriet" life. This is an expensive vaccine that requires three visits. That view can be argued with, but at least it's clear. Big media is Big business and they only carry their critiques of the status quo so far.

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By raising children on our own as despised, errant solo procreators, prone to welfare and STD's in our various sluttish ways.

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Virginity or Death!

She is Jewish, liberal, female, and a Democrat, all unpopular things in our current cracker political culture. Although taxes have been reduced they aren't at an all time low, and spending is totally out of control something conservatives and libertarians have historically always wanted to limit. This is logically implausible. The amendment was more of a safeguard than a loophole. To oppose any of these things makes you "far right" or "religious right". Posted by kimberlyausten on Pakistan 'Your Passport, Please':

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virginity or death
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virginity or death
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