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Charles Manson didn't think things out very well. This girl is just a broken machine that is seeking a high status male. Exclude Include Only Commenter? Rob, Manson shot a drug dealer but didn't finish the job, and the dealer dimed him. As a result, there was a lot of intermarriage, and hundreds of thousand of Germans have Polish names, and hundreds of thousand of the Polish have German names e. Scott Peterson reportedly had marriage proposals already waiting for him when he arrived at San Quentin. It's tends to be the hipster SWPL types and nerdy or aggressive females that are ending up having the least kids - which is kind of ironic considering they're so influential from a cultural perspective.

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This is why you see female rage over PUA.

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What you never see of course is women pursuing nice guy dentists who are say, in a bowling league or collect baseball statistics. Charles Manson didn't think things out very well. If women are the gender that chooses mates based on genetic fitness, you have to accept the fact that some women just have that particular gene screwed in backwards. And the day after the Tate killings Manson's group killed the neighbours of another music business contact he was angry at. Female homo sapiens are evolved to seek males of high social status.

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